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Top 10 Most Effective Lead Generation Strategies

In highly competitive business environment, it is important for marketers to modify their marketing strategies as per ever changing consumer taste, habits and preferences. Here are some of the most effective lead generation strategies currently used by B2B marketers all across the globe for lead generation:

10 lead generation strategies

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is age old yet effective in all ages marketing method. It is one of the most effective ways of interacting with your targeted audience. It is essential to create a list of targeted customers and think of innovative ways to reach the audience personally through emails.

  • Employing email campaigns for B2B lead generation after your initial consultation with clients will help in making you stay in the top of minds of your prospects.
  • It is important to use effective follow up tools to stay in touch with clients.
  1. Blogging

Blogging is a great way to keep your website fresh and building its visibility for Google keyword searches as well as increasing your lead volume effectively.

  • It is advised to write blogs on topics related to your brand, products and industry.
  • One should also include hyper links to other pages on the website and a call to action in the blogs.
  1. Social Media Marketing

It is hard to overlook the influence of social media on your prospects. Social media is one of the most sought after marketing weapons used by marketers all across the globe. While using social media for B2B lead generation, consider the following things:

  • Focus on improving people-to-people relationships with your online audience by communicating and sharing information through most used social networks.
  • One of the most popular ways to generate B2B leads from social media is using LinkedIn. Currently, it is gaining impressive traction for B2B lead generation for global businesses.
  • Social media marketers are able to provide innovative B2B lead generation solutions, so it is better to hire their services.
  1. Networking

Networking is a great key to your marketing success. No medium of marketing can beat the effect of face to face conversations and to develop the important know, like and trust factor.

  • It is prudent to attend networking events and consider volunteering at such events.
  • Design compelling events that support your objectives and desired outcomes
  • Choosing interesting venues and moving away from use of traditional square box venues often entice the audience to attend them.
  1. Intent Signal

Intent signal monitoring is an ability to see every page your customer has visited to predict their buying intentions. Nowadays, almost all businesses are making use of intent signals to create better and higher-qualified leads.

  1. Word of Mouth Marketing

Like email marketing, word of mouth is also another age old tactic that still do wonder for businesses. It has been found that more than 90% of B2B buyers trust recommendations from friends and family.

  • In order to make your referral program work for lead generation, one should look for intent signals and other research methods to get quality data for referral marketing.
  1. Mobile Friendly Website

As B2B queries have nowadays shifted from computers to smart phones, it is necessary to optimize your website for mobile phones. A recent study has confirmed that fifty percent of B2B queries are made on mobile phones and it is expected to reach 70% by 2020. Optimizing your website will create better impression on your targeted audience as well as help your buyers to make business decisions quickly and efficiently.

  1. Video Marketing

Video is one of the most effective ways of reaching your targeted audience and it is nowadays used widely by marketers for making connection with their audience. Researches have indicated that 64% of customers buy products based on video content and it has been playing a major role in influencing purchasing behaviour.

  1. Search Engine Marketing

A variety of studies have proven that search engine marketing is an effective lead generation strategy for B2B companies. It is great way to generate an acceptable RIO for businesses. If your website is not adequately optimized, your B2B customers will fail to find your business, when they are looking for similar kinds of products and services offered by your company. Here are some quick tips:

    • Choose the best keyword phrases
    • Attract quality link to your website
    • Optimize your site for organic search
    • Manage an ROI driven paid search campaign
    • Get help from experienced search engine marketers to get the desired outcomes
  1. Content Marketing

B2B content marketing in an art of developing and distributing information and engaging content to attract prospective companies and wholesale buyers. However, effectiveness of content marketing depends on skills, experience and innovation of content curators and distributors. The core idea and focus of content should be creating valuable relationships with the audience.

  • Content should be visually appealing, valuable and relevant to the audience
  • One should include offers, giveaways, and discounts in B2B content marketing strategy to entice the audience.
  • Innovation is key to create engaging content
  • It is advisable to make use of videos, Info graphics, GIFs, Podcasts or eBook to get the better response from audience.

In order to survive and success in fierce competition, it is always wise to seek help from professional B2B marketing and lead generation company to get quality leads, increase your revenues, enhance your business reputation and improve overall productivity of the business.


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