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7 Ideas to Improve Call Center Quality Score and Customer Service

Quality assurance is all about preventing mistakes at the first place and continuously improving Call Center Quality Score. Along with that it is a legal need for the Call Centers. Hence improving quality is a huge component to achieve the goals of delivering excellent customer experience.

7 Ideas to Improve Call Center Quality Score and Customer Service

Here are 7 Ideas to Improve Call Center Quality Score and Customer Service:

Gathering Information: Gathering in-depth knowledge of the products and services is very important. Quick identification of the root cause of the problem must be made a priority too. This would help in understanding the needs of the customer and providing them with personalised, simpler and prompt solutions. In addition, knowing the customer is equally crucial.
This helps in providing better service and improves customer retention. Moreover, a detailed record of the calls, their durations, and agents involved and feedback from customers must be kept. This helps the management in improving customer handling strategies from time to time.

Setting up achievement goals: Management should bring the workforce to focus on the organisation’s goals, such as hitting targets, maximum customer satisfaction and uncompromised quality standards. Team meetings and presentations should be held from time to time, regarding such goals and these goals should keep rising continuously. This will ensure a steady growth of the organisation in the immensely competitive market.

Segregating customers: Segregating the customers on the basis of the nature of their query through IVR aids in allocating the right agents for their specific issues. This, in turn, results in saved time, better query resolution, customer satisfaction and improved service quality.

Selective hiring and regular training: The hiring process needs to be stringent, the candidates should be well educated, self-motivated and have good communication skills. The hired agents should be put through a well-structured training and assessment program.
This will help in identifying their niches and shortcomings, which will help in assigning their respective tasks. This overall process will increase the productivity of the call center. The agents will enjoy their work and stay focused on achieving higher targets, yet maintains the quality standards of call centers.

Performance monitoring: Regular performance monitoring is a must. Identifying the key performers and low performers present a good picture of the actual productive workforce. Low performers should be reassessed and sent in for a performance improvement program.
Key performers must be appreciated from time to time for customer support services. Real-time statistics should be displayed so that the agents can compare the progress and do better. Positive criticism and motivation go a long way too, in keeping the morale boosts.

Using smart technology: Reducing human error is a challenging task for an organisation which human-centric. Using new-age state of art call center technology can improve the productivity by streamlining the process. AI drove IVR, predictive dialling, voice recognition, etc. would facilitate the customers to reach fruitful solutions quickly.
Even the agents would get calls particular to their field and will be able to provide better solutions. Auto-elimination of unimportant calls could be an added advantage. Overall, the whole process would be more competent and effective for call center services.

Recreation and incentives: Working continuously and yet staying cheerful in call centers can sometimes be a bit difficult. To break the monotonous cycle, recreational activities should be carried out from time to time. This not only cheers up the employees, it also helps in team bonding.

People get to interact with each other and share their experiences, which can be a good way of learning new tricks for customer handling. Apart from recreational activities, incentives and rewards play a vital role in keeping the workforce motivated. Appreciation of great work instills a sense of belongingness to the organisation and employees try to do much better than before.

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